I don't know the size, please tell meい

Choose your wrist size

The inner diameter of the bangle is made by adding a wrist size of about 0.5 cm. Due to the structure of the bangle, the part that touches the skin is rounded, and it is popular because it is smooth and comfortable to wear. If you like, please choose a wrist size of 1 cm. We do not recommend more than 2 cm. It will be a bangle size.かぶかのサイズになります)




Do you have to pay for resizing and adjusting the fit each time??

It's free

Reasons for being happy Because the work is like my daughter, it may be close to the feeling of returning to my parents' house. How about paying the shipping fee to each other in advance, plus or minus 0? Forging artist造作家_KATSUYOSHI SHIMADAThe ideal of my activities is the standard of my heart that I would be happy if I did this. Furniture and vessels ... Or like shoes and clothes, I think that the comfortable size and fit that suits you are different. I want to find itです




There are few types, why? Will there be more in the future?すか?

Basically there is no increase in design

For example ... I'm planning to run a Chinese soba restaurant with only one dish. There is a limit to my time and physical strength to explore up to 0 10 by myself. I want to dig deeper into one approach. We are training every day so that people who are sick will be happy.をしています 




Why are there so many sizes available?か?

The original experience with a thin wrist is the key to the activityます

The bangle in the world is basically one size development. I have had the experience of being too big and sad for me. It is not comfortable for the wearer if it is too big or too small, isn't it? The bangle to be delivered will create one point only for you. The ideal relationship is loved and loved by both people and things.




Can I make a video call?

Is possible

LINE _ Instagram _ ZOOM _ Gmail _ I make video calls such as Facebook almost every day. Even if I'm far away, I can rest assured that I can talk face-to-face and I'm happy with each other. Feel free to DM or email me.

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▶︎ katsuyoshishimada.info@gmail.com




How much will it cost if I change from a bangle to a ring in the future??


However, it is limited to the case where the C type ring or O type ring is circular while keeping the atmosphere of the bangle. Approximately two rings can be manufactured from one bangle. Only in the following cases, a fee will be charged.なります

・Add stones or add different materials

・Add decorative patterns

・Add other design

Please note that the paid amount varies depending on the desired conditions and cannot be stated. Please feel free to contact us katsuyoshishimada.info@gmail.comom




I like the concept Can you remodel your carry-on memento into a bangle or ring?か?

Thank you

We have a lot of achievements so far. We will reconnect our thoughts by linking the past, present and future. We will spin it as a story with your own memory as a value. The amount will vary depending on the desired conditions. Please feel free to contact us katsuyoshishimada.info@gmail.comil.com

Click here for my other activity︎ SHIMADANTIQUES  ▶︎ Collaboration activities with metal engravers

Forging artist KATSUYOHI SHIMADA Solo activityます




What does it mean to design the future?か?

Memory aging when born on the bangle surface is yours onlyもの

I think this is the first attempt to consider aging that grows in the historical context of jewelry as one of the designs. Jewelry jewelry has a different atmosphere in 10 years, 20 years and 30 years depending on the lifestyle of the wearer. While loving that everyone is different, I want to cherish this moment now. The feeling may be close to the historical cityscape, furniture, old tools, leather shoes, etc. With a design aimed at Vintage style in a new state Please understand that the approach is differentことをご理解ください




Is it okay to get wet? Will it rust?か?

It's okay, it won't rust

Because it is made of high quality gold and silver lumps, it is not plated. There is no problem with sterilizing spray and alcohol disinfection as it is worn. Please be assured that the material and color will not change.さい    




What kind of care should I take?

For easy care, wash your hands and wrists while wearing them.さい

It can be kept hygienic. It has been proven because I have practiced it for about 20 years. Reason for washing You may be worried about the dullness and color change of the surface if you wear it for a long time. It is secreted from the skin. Oil and cosmetic sunscreen hand cream foundation ... accumulates as a thin film. Old oil oxidizes and chemically reacts with the material to change the color. Please wash away the oil with daily hand washing. If the oil dullness that has accumulated in the skin does not disappear, you can use a sunscreen for making sweets or a sunscreen for the kitchen. Add a little water to make a paste, rub it on the skin, and wash it off with lukewarm water. The shine will return. Finally, be sure to put it in place.ず所定の位置に置いてください

【Easy maintenance method Hand washing手洗い編】




 Do you have wrapping?

Only one type is available

There is a wrapping of the original paulownia box and hand-kneaded Japanese paper only when you purchase from the EC site here.す The color of strong Japanese paper isOnly black is available in white for celebration. If you wish, please write in the remarks column order memo.記載ください




Do you have a store?

There is none

Experience delivery▶︎SAMPLEWith delivery video calls話とPOP UPIf you have a request, near youCAFEIt is also possible to meet at the distant personSAMPLELet's make a video call after sendingPOP UPAlso held at that timeJOURNALWe will inform you on Instagram




I'm very worried, but I'm worried!

You are always free to choose

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