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There is an atmosphere when you casually attach accessories, especially if it is a favorite item or a keepsake.ら


But when I actually found something that looked good and put it on, I think everyone has the experience that the size does not fit or the image is different.


I also have a thin wrist ... I have the same experience





「I wonder why the bangle is ONE size. Even though sneakers and leather shoes clothes have a size, they are fluffy, too tight, and my skin hurts ...痛かったり...」





The research started based on my own original experience. I repeated the measurement hypothesis production verification many times and found a unique method. Everyone's worries are gone from today.ます 大丈夫!

From children's wrists to those with a solid skeleton, and even those who have wrist problems, take responsibility for the bangle that is perfect for you [Lifetime warranty] Deliver with











DESIGN> The aging of the bangle surface that is carved from this moment is your own memory design. It is wonderful to take it to many places and make many scratches. Handmade product created by Katsuyoshi Shimada himself in all processes. This child is an accessory. The forging method, which is a technology that is disappearing in the world of jewelry, has been inherited as a manufacturing method for cutlery and armor from ancient times. It brings out toughness and suppleness by increasing the density while repeatedly pressing on metal. When viewed from the side, the surface is flat, but the ground contact surface to the wrist is rounded. Therefore, a general bangle is used.ングルが [surface] Where you touch your wrist [line] The surface of the bangle provides such an experience that only the person who wears it can feel it.グルの表面は2020Year3Moontwenty fiveI rub the pieces of old pottery I found in Mashiko, Tochigi prefecture on the day. The sides and back that touch the skin are carefully polished.す+Mashiko_Soil, light and treasure+
















<CARE Please wash your hands and wrists while wearing the bangle. You can keep it hygienic. It has been proven because I have been practicing it for about 20 years. Please be assured that you will not have to wash it. Reason for washing Please wash away the oil with daily hand washing. If you wear it for a long time, you may be worried about the dullness of the surface and the change in color. The sunscreen hand cream foundation ... becomes a thin film and accumulates, and it changes color by oxidizing. If the oil dullness accumulated in the past does not disappear, it can be used for making sweets or for kitchen. OK Add a little water to make a paste, rub it on your skin and rinse it off with lukewarm water to restore the amazing shine. Finally, be sure to put it in place ...に必ず所定の位置に置いておくこと...


<GUARANTEE has a permanent guarantee card. I would be happy if you could use it as a part of your body for a long time. It is also possible to return the shine to a new one and improve the fitting of the curve of the resized bangle wheel. Please feel free to contact us. Heyいね


<Consultation question> Instagram _ LINE _ Facebook _ ZOOMFeel free to make video calls such asDMPlease



鍛造作家katsuyoshi shimadaのバングル製作風景

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鍛造作家katsuyoshi shimadaのバングル製作風景

The product is functional, simple and

Permanent thing


The jewelry that carves memories through many encounters is like a diary that tells your story to the next generation. Now I want to cherish this moment.



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Born in 1977 Forge writer Concept designer As a fashion designer stylist for 20 years, I am attracted to expressing the story and ideological philosophy of the wearer by coming into contact with timeless antiques related to Japanese manufacturing sites. In 2015, Ichiro-kun and stylist Mita, who have been selected as support designers for NF, a music and art complex project organized by Sakana Action, will be the directors.レクターです) 。2019年はFIGARO japon】ELLE mariage】Selected as a remodeling specialist。Becoming a forging writer in order to solve the problems caused by the size of jewelry, POP-UP is being held all over Japan to deliver jewelry that will grow for a long time. Please check Instagram for background and activities.さい。





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