If you’re subtly wearing an accessory, it makes that person someone special doesn’t it? When you try a good piece on, have you ever had the experience where the size wasn’t right or it was different to what you had imagined? I’ve experienced the same thing. But you’ve got nothing to worry about from today. We have 15 sizes available, so we’ll find a bangle that is perfect for you along with the lifetime warranty,




Products should be functional, simple

and be everlasting











<DESIGN> These are made using a method and technique which is slowly disappearing from the accessory scene. It is one that has been passed on from the historical methods of manufacturing knives and armor. By striking and pressing the metal repeatedly, the density of it increases which allows for it to be tough but flexible. If you look at it from the side, the surface is flat, but the side that is touching the wrist is rounded. Regular bangles will have ‘the flat’ touching your wrists, but these will have the ‘line’ support them. Only the people who wear this bangle get to experience the thick, rich and smooth feeling. All stages of crafting are done by Shimada Katsuyoshi himself, so each piece has a different expression just like a handmade bowl. The surface of the bangle is made by structuring an old piece of ceramic that was found in Mashiko of Tochigi Preference on 25 March 2020. Both sides that have contact with the skin are polished carefully. +益子_ 土と光と宝物+
















<CARE> You can be enjoyed through the process of aging, but at times, the dullness of the surface may become apparent through frequent wear. This is usually due to the oil in our skin. The best way to rid this is by using sodium bicarbonate, and it can be the type which is used for both cooking and cleaning. By combining it with water to clean the product, it will become shiny and polished again. Please ensure you rinse it with warm water afterwards. In addition, it is best to place the accessory in the same place at the end of each day. Talking about taking care of these reminds me of how we look after ourselves too. We want to be clean when we become dirty and when we become clean, we want to be held right?

<GUARANTEE> A lifetime warranty comes with each piece. We would love for you to enjoy it like it was a part of your body. It is possible to make pieces as shiny as they were when they were new, change the size or make the fitting of the curve better for you as well. Please contact us about this anytime.




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Each person is the main character in their own lives

With every new encounter you have

a new memory is embellished into your personal accessories

like a diary that tells the next generation of your story

All people want to be loved

And they want to love someone too




People and objects are essentially the same




Your relationship with the product

Is reflected in the time that you spend being loved




This very moment in our lives is miraculously beautiful




Born in 1977. A forging artist and designer. Over 20 years, he worked as a designer in the manufacturing scene of Japanese clothing and accessories. he was selected to be the support designer for Sakanaction’s music and art collaboration project ‘NF’ 3 times. (The Director was Ichiro and Stylist Mita). To resolve the issue of accessory sizing, he became a forging artist. He has opened pop-ups across Japan where he delivers long-lasting forever accessory pieces. For more information about his career and activities, please visit his Instagram page.


Business Operator’s Name

Katsuyoshi Shimada


Business Operator’s Address

Zip Code : 150-0035

Address : Tokyo , Shibuya Ward, Hachiyama City, Lions Mansion Hachiyama Room 106