<The relationship between a healthy future and silver Silver has two unique aspects that have been with world civilization since ancient times.す.The first is a commercial payment method and the second is hygienic antibacterial properties.抗菌性▶︎Ag】Even at pharmacies in the cityAgI think you've seen.In ancient Greece, silverware was used as an antibacterial agent to keep water and other liquids fresh....In the Roman Empire, wine is stored in silver jars to prevent spoilage....In the West, put silver coins in barrels of drinking water to control the growth of bacteria and algae....It was used as a fungicide and antibacterial agent until antibiotics were discovered and widely spread.た .And in Europe16Celebrating the healthy growth of children from around the century [Silver spoon] It is said that the culture of making.Means affluence and hygiene [Silver] And symbolize life [spoon]   Why???  There are various theories...From the general public at that time [Silver] Will be an expensive thing.Again, when there was no water and sewage system like in modern times, hygiene was poor and it was difficult to eat..According to some literature, the lifespan at that time is approximate40Year old and20About the rate of survival by the age of50%Is written.I want my child to live in good health for as long as possible. I feel the gentle eyes of my parents who want me to be happy.ね.[The silver spoonは20You can easily wear it according to the trend of modernism that occurred at the beginning of the century. [Baby ring] It changes to now.

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