We will deliver the desired size to your home!

If you do not know the feeling of wearing or the overall balance

Please feel free to use




【Flow to use】

① Please select the desired type


 ② Deliver to your home


 ③ Please find a comfortable item from various sizes

④ Return the bangle to the paulownia box, put it in the packing bag you received, attach the enclosed invoice and reply.返信ください






・This is a domestic limited service

・We will send two types of thickness, LIGHT and BOLD.

・Free shipping Please pay only the packing materials 100い▶︎¥100

・Please return the item within 3 days after it arrives.

・There is no problem with scratches or usability of the product. Please touch it a lot.ください

・In case of loss or theft of goods場合▶︎You will be required to pay the amount equivalent to the purchase of a new product.▶︎Because there are many to deliver to you30It will be a burden of 10,000 yen or more▶︎To use the service, it is assumed that you understand all the above contents.ます▶︎In case of damage, we will contact the police or a lawyer. Thank you for your understanding.



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